Gone are the golden days when doctors were worshipped and respected as Gods. Now doctor -patient relationship is same as any professional-client relationship. Respect, trust & dignity of medical profession is being slowly eroded with time. Consequently medical litigation & various Medicolegal problems are rising exponentially.  This trend has been the norm in USA & Europe for quite some time, India is late to join the race but is slowly catching up.

    Every doctor, clinic, hospital- govt or private/corporate, is facing Medicolegal issues on a daily basis. If these are are not taken care of properly, they eventually leads to litigations claiming lakhs to crores as compensation. Here lies the need of Medicolegal Consultancy services- we will help you tackle the problems early on before they can land you in court battling huge monetary compensation.

     Astraea Medicolegal Consultancy LLP is the first of its kind- a limited liability partnership comprising of Medicolegal, Medical & Legal experts, designed to provide you a comprehensive, rational & scientific solution to all of your Medicolegal woes.